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Lee Woodward

Co-Host of Hot Topics
Lee is one of Australia’s most ‘in demand’ sales coaches and inspirational business speakers. As Real Estate Academy’s founder, driver and CEO, he is involved every day in his chosen operational areas of training and creative systems design.
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Dane Atherton

Co-Host of Hot Topics

It is exciting to have Dane onboard, not only as a coach but also as a modern leader who drives opportunity every day with your own team. He has great insights on the active market and will bring a huge amount of value and sought after answers to the industry.
Harcourts Coastal QLD


Allison Mifsud

Co-Host of Hot Topics

Allison brings a wealth of knowledge to the real estate Hot Topics team and will be appearing throughout the season with her views and coachable moments from a different perspective. Allison has been selected due to her innovative systems and services in the area of hands on prospecting, listing and client management. Allison is a multi award winning agent and ranked one of the top sales agents in her area. She is also known for her creative marketing strategy and high auction clearance rate.


Epping First National NSW