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Lee Woodward

Co-Host of Hot Topics
Lee is one of Australia’s most ‘in demand’ sales coaches and inspirational business speakers. As Real Estate Academy’s founder, driver and CEO, he is involved every day in his chosen operational areas of training and creative systems design.
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Steve Carroll

Co-Host of Hot Topics

For the past 20 years, Steve has been at the forefront of the rapid change in technology, digital marketing and consumer behaviour whilst working for three of the world’s leading media companies. He has shared his vast knowledge at AREC; he is a regular guest on Sky Business and co-hosts the very popular Momentum series with Tom Panos. Leadership, innovation and understanding how consumer behaviours are changing as a result of technology, social media and the internet are Steve’s areas of expertise.
Steve is a renowned speaker and travels around the globe to share his experience and ideas on how businesses can thrive in the Digital era.
His lively presentation style will involve, educate and stretch your thinking!
Director of Industry Relations, REA