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Build it and they will come

With Lachlan Turner How refining & defining your sales process helps make your company worth joining The best agen... Click for more

The journey of leadership in a brave new world

With Robert Ward Robert Ward has never shied away from responsibility and challenges. Buying his first agency at 21, in... Click for more

The Power of 6

Six key supporters of Real Estate Hot Topics Magazine have now combined their expertise to create one powerful real esta... Click for more

Creating your own life masterpiece

with Christina Guidotti Many of us dream of creating the life we want but stumble because of our lack of self-belief, c... Click for more

Harnessing The Power of Speech

With Matt Church You may be the smartest person in the room, the greatest leader the world has ever seen but if you can... Click for more

Moving Out Of The Comfort Zone

With Ruth Roberts With her sleek suits, nerves of steel and winning smile, Ruth Roberts blasted onto the national sta... Click for more

Is your business fit for the best people?

with Maria Findikakis Why finding the best people for your business starts with preparing your business to keep the bes... Click for more

They've got the power

With Wendy Alexander A particular mindset is needed for a business to succeed across generations. Leaders have to under... Click for more

Feeding our national obsession

with Tracey Fellows There’s no question - Australians are obsessed with real estate and online real estate listi... Click for more

Listing presentations that win

with Christian Bartley The US Marketing authority, Seth Godin believes, ‘People do not buy goods and services. Th... Click for more

The invisible power of authenticity

with David Lack Biggin & Scott, Port Melbourne Last year, the nation fell in love with young Queenslanders Will Bet... Click for more

Becoming a System

When you start out in real estate you make it your mission to build the number of contacts you have, vendors you work wi... Click for more

Passing the baton from one generation to another

with Genevieve & Suzannah Toop The world’s oldest hotel is Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan. Founded in 705 A.D., t... Click for more

Climb Every Mountain

With Natasha McElwaine Looking at the world’s highest summit and then surveying the scene below Everest, managing... Click for more

Helping Break Through The Limits

With Dr Fred Grosse Dr Fred Grosse has spent the last 40 years travelling the globe working as a coach, motivational sp... Click for more

Auction Perfection

with Danny Grant of Ray White Lower North Shore, is one of Australia’s leading auction agents. However, as Danny ... Click for more

Overcoming your Blindsides

With Bill MacLeod Kermit the Frog used to sing that it wasn’t easy being green. It’s the same with human. S... Click for more

Mastering the Art of Price Adjustment

With Phil Harris Price adjustment is like a fiery dragon that can make even the toughest real estate agent tremble. Phi... Click for more

Amplifiers - the power of motivational leadership

With Matt Church Author and global leadership expert Matt Church believes that we need leaders now more than ever. He s... Click for more

Are you ready for the change that is coming?

With John Kao We are standing on the edge of cultural change – the likes of which we have never seen before. Comp... Click for more

Revolutionising Real Estate

With Leanne Pilkington Just before the Global Financial Crisis hit in 2007, the CEO of one of Australia’s largest... Click for more

Taking courage to the marketplace

with Anthony Zakos - McGrath Many years ago, the Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser said, “Life wasn’... Click for more

Going global to stay on top

with Colin Rodgers It’s time to outsource. Many people believe that outsourcing is a dirty word and that outsourc... Click for more

Powering into project marketing

with John Minns Dexar Leadership Group Real estate agents are at the coalface. They know, long before all the governmen... Click for more

The Habits of a Highly Successful Woman

With Amber Werchon Setting goals is relatively easy. The hard work is in the doing; in making those goals become a re... Click for more

Reaching for the stars

With Tom Hopkins The smartest people in the room are the ones who can soar like an eagle and sing like a lark. They can... Click for more

The Walkhom Wonder

Real Estate Matriach Sonia Walkom, from Walkom Real Estate in Newcastle, is one hell of a lady. Spending time with her... Click for more

Automate Your Marketing with a Robot

While Robot Marketing is a relatively new concept in real estate, the idea behind scheduling marketing tasks has been tr... Click for more

Organising Your Way to Success

With Danny Grant, John McGrath & Amber Werchon In his book, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen ... Click for more

How To Make Good People Stick

With John Minns Responsible for hundreds of staff, John Minns knows what an asset good people are to a growing business... Click for more

Sales Success Spans the Country

Having an Eastern capital city location is not as imperative as it once was if you want to succeed in business. Access... Click for more

Committing to your client

When you start out in real estate you make it your mission to build the number of contacts you have, vendors you work wi... Click for more

Hot Topics Testimonial

Dear Lee & Robyn I am writing to thank you for the fantastic job you are doing with the Real Estate Hot Topics ma... Click for more

Constant Contact Makes for a Happy Vendor

With Mat Steinwede Whether you are coordinating vendor management yourself, or have a dedicated person assigned to the ... Click for more

Peak Performance

Maintaining your peak performance is not just about making sure you meet your daily or weekly goals, but is a carefully ... Click for more

Stuck on a level

Whether you are training hard, losing weight or excelling in your career, there will be a point when all your hard work ... Click for more

The Young Guns, Partnering their way to success

With Nathan Casserly & Alexander Ouwens And Natalie Downton & Kate Schwartz Real estate is a tough gig. It ca... Click for more

Amy Kaslar - Playing the long game

The top salesperson for LJ Hooker in the world A few years ago, Amy Kaslar from LJ Hooker Thornleigh, in Sydney’s... Click for more

The Innovator strikes again

Andrew Reece from InspectRealEstate is the definition of an innovator. Never happy to stand still and reap the rewards f... Click for more

Seriously gutsy recruiting

with Brad Jackson Building a business takes bravery and guts. No-one knows that more than Brad Jackson. Working in... Click for more

The culture of abundance, sharing the love

Stephen Cromarty and his business partner Bill Kington are not your typical real estate agents. They use the words real ... Click for more

Building beyond one person

Paul Siderovski is a man with a big heart and the Midas touch. The Novocastrian entrepreneur and millionaire fronts two ... Click for more

Working with a sense of urgency

Are you a passenger on the plane or are you the Captain steering the plane? Dane Atherton, the Managing Director of Ha... Click for more

Breaking into the top end of the market

Many agents dream of working the top end, yet fail to prepare adequately and take the necessary steps to transition to w... Click for more

Breaking out with connected marketing

Success in real estate requires us to bring more to the table, to be more strategic, blended and clever in our marketing... Click for more

Sawdust Listing lessons

with Lee Woodward & John McGrath Winning listings is the foundation of your whole business. The way you win listing... Click for more

Auction Craft

Auctions are an ever-popular method of selling property in Australia. In Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra more than one th... Click for more

Going from local to global

Dan Walker has done very well for himself. The Director in Charge Sydney North Office Leasing for Colliers International... Click for more

Bradley Brown: Sharing his wisdom cards

Your life is like a book, and you're the author of that book Grit is about the ability to try again, and again, when th... Click for more

Nice Guys Finish First

With Maurice Butler Maurice Butler is one of the nice guys in real estate who is reaping rewards from his passionate ap... Click for more

Making The Right Call

with Billy Eoko, Century 21, Washington DC, Maryland, and Northen Virginia Many years ago, Billy Ekofo’s life piv... Click for more

The Art Of Standing Out

with Dusty Baker, Sotheby’s International Realty In 2003, author and entrepreneur Seth Godin released a seminal b... Click for more

The Hunter

With Sian Carling In property management, one of the most important parts of the business is growing the rent roll, and... Click for more

Gaining Visibility in Property Management

A digital revolution in property management With Lee Woodward & Joel Davis The most common questions I get asked i... Click for more

Change your Attitude Change your Life

With Kieran Bresnahan, Mc Grath Estate Agents, St George One of the best agents in Australia, Kieran Bresnahan is not o... Click for more

Harness the Power of a Masterful Presentation

With Steve Carroll, REA Group Most of us need help to create and deliver compelling, emotionally engaging and uplifting... Click for more

Shooting for the stars

With Aaron Paull Mcgrath Central Coast Conquering the world by yourself is exhausting. Aaron Paull from McGrath Central... Click for more

Facing the market

With John McGrath - CEO McGrath Estate Agents  John McGrath has come a long way since landing his first job in a s... Click for more

Influence is an inside job

With Julie Masters Co-Founder of ODE Management Leaders can no longer hide behind their brands and let their brands do ... Click for more

Making Sales Warriors Outstanding

With Dane Atherton, Managing Director Harcourts Coastal Dane Atherton knows that sales people are a particular breed. H... Click for more


With Lee Woodward A better, simpler way to onboard & upskill your salespeople. How many times have you emplo... Click for more

Better Homes and Gardens

With Sherry Chris A new brand is coming to shake up the Australian real estate marketplace. Wildly successful magazine ... Click for more