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Russell Taylor, Ensuting the importance of staying in touch with your database

Russell Taylor, Ensuting the importance of staying in touch with your database

by RUSSELL TAYLOR, CEO of Suna Communications, the Developers of iRealty

In Australia, we are at the absolute forefront Globally in Electronically Marketing Real Estate. The phenomenal ability for innovation by a mere handful of Australian Real Estate Systems Development Specialists with their Globally Patented Solutions ensures we will maintain our position of being world leaders on this playing field.

With a vast majority of Australia’s best performing Real Estate Sales Professionals arming themselves with sophisticated Marketing Solutions such that have the ability to trigger an Alert immediately back to a Sales Agent when a Sales Agent’s Contact from his database is about to step into the Market.

Exciting new technologies are constantly being released to help generate more Listings and Sales, such as the NEW Data Mining and Profiling Engine. A Lead Alert can now carry a link to a detailed profile of a Database Contact based on his/her browsing activity for up to two years subsequent to receiving Property eNewsletters from a Real Estate Sales Agent - all of this in real time. For a buyer, the profile will include; Preferred location, preferred property profile, pricepoints and whether that Agent has a listing suitable for them and more…

In Australia millions of dollars have been spent on Research and Development to build Real Estate specific solutions such as the “Lead Alerts” and “Data Mining/ Profiling” engines as mentioned above.

“Responsive Design” for dynamically displaying eNewsletter Templates and Web Landing Pages in “mobile devices” has become very relevant given the rapid onset of “Smartphone” technology.

These Australian Innovations are often being Patented on a worldwide scale.

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