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Humanising the prospecting call

Humanising the prospecting call

With Lee Woodward - Quicktips

When Michael Clarke of Clarke & Humel first got into real estate he was told, “If you can make 130 phone calls a week, you would get one or two market appraisals. So I was doing my 130 phone calls a week basically getting bugger all appraisals and I thought, ‘Well, I wonder if I can hit a chord somewhere and humanise it’.”

“I started to make my phone calls and I would say, ‘Hi, it is Michael Clarke from XYZ. I am wondering if you are considering making a move at some stage’ and they would always say no.”

“And then I would call up and say, ‘Hi, it's Michael Clarke from XYZ. Just a call because I am trying to help somebody and I was wondering if you had a second. I was dealing with a buyer on Saturday and they are desperately trying to move into Freshwater and I promised that I would make a few phone calls and I was wondering who else you might know of that might be looking at making a move because as I said, I did promise them that I would make these phone calls’.”

“Well, I started to get 6 market appraisals a week which still meant that I was still getting 124 people a week saying bugger off. However, all of a sudden I was getting routinely 6 to 8 appraisals a week just from cold calls.”

One of Michael’s favourite prospecting calls is a soft touch:

MICHAEL “Hello is that Lee.”

LEE “Yes it is.”

MICHAEL “G’day Mate its Michael Clarke from Clarke & Humel. How are you going?”

LEE “Good Michael, how are you?”

MICHAEL “Mate I am on top of the world, thanks. Look I just thought I’d touch base with you briefly. Obviously we just had a result around the corner on Undercliff. Thought you might have noticed and might be keen to find out what result we achieved.”

LEE “Yeah I did see that one go. What did it go for?”

MICHAEL “By the way, I know you’re not looking to move yourself at the moment, but we were hoping to get within your area $2m - $2.2m and I am delighted to say we got $2.5m.”

LEE “Fantastic. Geez the market’s moving.”

MICHAEL “Yep, look I’d like to think it had something to do with the real estate agent. But then again, I’ve got a vested interest in saying that. Things are flying along at the moment and there were a couple of people on that property that missed out. I thought I would just touch base with you on the off chance. Do you know of anyone else that might be thinking of moving?”

LEE “I don’t, Rob and I talk about moving up North all the time - it is just not the right timing for us now.”

MICHAEL “Oh great. So I have got a chance of shoe horning you out of there if I have got the right buyer at some stage in the future.”

LEE “Yes, well possibly. What do you think we would get for this one now?”

MICHAEL “Goodness gracious, it has been 3 years since I helped you buy that place so it is probably worth me popping in for 5 minutes only. I couldn’t do it today obviously as we are pretty full on at the moment but I could do later this week or if it suits better early next week.”

LEE “Look probably early next week would be better. That would give us some time, yeah well, there are a couple of things we are doing but yes pop in.”

MICHAEL “Mate, look I might as well just pencil something in now otherwise I will get booked out. Look, would Monday afternoon be ok or how would you be placed Tuesday?”

LEE “No, Mondays are good for us.”

MICHAEL “Wonderful, well let’s pencil in Monday at 4 o’clock and I will give you a buzz on Monday morning just to confirm that it still works for you.”

LEE “Great thanks, Michael.”

MICHAEL “Beautiful.”


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