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Daniel Williams, Building a Global Success, Excel Expands into Thailand

Daniel Williams, Building a Global Success, Excel Expands into Thailand


Excel Australasia, a leading technology company specialising in the Real Estate industry, has opened for business in Thailand with the acquisition of DevSenses, a rapidly growing software development company. The focus of the new company will be in the growth of high-end program development, mobile applications, web design and internal system integrations.

DevSenses, rated in the top five mobile software development companies in Bangkok, married with Excel’s existing software development business, will see its ranking rise to the top three. Ken Williams, CEO of Excel Australasia says, “Companies must continue to evolve with a clear focus, providing customers with the latest tools for marketing and business growth.” He adds, “There is no longer an Australian, Asian or European market but a World Market operates today.”


Leading the innovation charge in today’s marketing mix

The key to good marketing is through a combination of different channels. Excel believes the best way to reach a target audience is through a variety of marketing tactics, using both online and traditional mediums. The launch of Excel’s microsite opens up a new and innovative way of expanding online marketing for real estate.

This is the finding of Daniel Williams, National Marketing and Operations Manager at Excel Australasia. Excel specialise in the real estate industry developing marketing strategies and software development solutions.

Daniel advises, to get the best possible outcome for your marketing dollar, multiple platforms of communication need to be used, e-marketing, such as social media, as well as letter box drops, printed brochures and newspaper ads. Consistent communication is the key to achieving the best possible outcome for your business.

The microsite is the latest technological development offered by Excel in real estate advertising. The launch of the microsite is a new e-marketing tactic that allows real estate agencies to create a mini website of a particular property. By selecting a particular listing, information about the listings and photographs are automatically put together by the microsite. The microsite has six easily accessible sections including an introduction to the property, gallery, location, map, property detail, and contact information about the agent.

The best features about the microsite are how cost effective and quick they are to produce. The microsite is significantly cheaper than its competitors, costing only $39 to produce. The microsite is automatically up and running in three clicks of a button. All the information about the listing is uploaded in an instant, making the site completely hassle free and a great time saver.

Another great feature about the microsite is its responsive web design. It is designed to reformat to suit the medium the viewer is using, such as a mobile phone or tablet, making the microsite completely user friendly as it responds to the user’s viewing preference. The responsive web design allows easy reading and viewing of images without the user having to zoom or scroll on the site unnecessarily. The microsite also has a ‘Google translate’ option, which allows the user to view the listing in any language. This is a very important feature of the microsite as it ensures that no user is hindered due to language barriers. The microsite is easily marketable to everyone in our multicultural society where English is not everyone’s first language.

As you can see, Excel is a highly innovative company that can help grow your business by using specific advertising strategies that are tailored to a specific target audience. The Microsite will enable you to have a time saving and cost effective way of creating brand awareness and achieving marketing success towards your target market.  

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